July 28, 2018 Article 1

COST OF SAND FILLING YOUR PLOT By: Castle Magazine Footnote By Engr Isaac

If you are building on a water logged plot, your foundation is likely to be a ‘raft’ foundation
which shoots out of the ground instead of the strip foundation where the contractor digs
into the earth.

In addition, to ensure that the site is well drained, the raft should be well above the road
level and this means that the compound has to be filled with sand.

There are two types of materials used to fill the site: laterite earth filling (a reddish ‘sand’)
which is usually transported from the Shagamu axis and sharp sand filling (a finer white
sand) which is pumped from the lagoon bed.

The laterite earth filling costs an average of N15,000 per 10 ton tipper while the sharp sand
filling costs an average of N45,000 per 20 ton tipper. The amount of sand required for sandfilling
varies from site to site and is dependent on factors like size of the plot, height of the
raft etc.

For the Island and spanning through Ibeju Lekki, it is most advisable to go for sharp sand
for ease of work during construction and for a lasting structure but if cost is of concern
using laterite will require adequate compaction preferably using of machine compactor.
Typically for a private detached house on plot of about 600sqm, an average of 5 nos 20 tons
tipper loads is about the quantity required.

As usual, our Layman Builder readers are advised to consult a quantity surveyor for the right

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